G is for Guidance and S is for Support

In my PTE401 course I have been introduced to a number of Guidance and Support issues for students. Part of my responsibility as an instructor is to provide Guidance and Support to my students and to direct them to the proper resources when the issue is outside my realm.  In the following post we will touch on the major points with a few resources to help with these issues. The links will point you in the right direction at South Seattle. Even if you feel you don’t need all these resources you might know a fellow student who does.


The oldest, most reliable, and familiar student resource is the library. books_748x330Whether it is to research, study, or access tutors you will use it repeatedly during your education. It contains not just written resources but a very knowledgeable staff whose job is to assist you. Some individuals even consider a trip to the library as a form of entertainment! Familiarize yourself with how it works before your classes start and you will have a big advantage over those who wait until an assignment ends them there.Library/IRC But what about the other resources on campus?

This page can help you find every service available to students from Health to the Student Veterans Office! Student Resources . Treat this resource the same as the library and familiarize yourself with it before the school year starts. The offices listed here exist to help you in your quest for an education. All the Support and Guidance you need are there for the asking. Before you give up on a situation stop there and look for guidance to a solution.


They are there for a reason. We live in a society based on the rule of law. We can question them all we want but we still have to live by them. How do we live by them? First you have to learn them. This is a link to your states WAC Student Activities, Rights , and Discipline  learn it and live it. When you want to know how it applies to your individual institution stop here Policies and Procedures. If it seems like a lot it is, but it will prepare you for the bigger rulebook you’ll have to live by in your future workplace.


From email etiquette to APA format you will be required to develop and improve your writing skills. Start with a good .edu website for style and format like this one Online Writing Lab . Next buy a copy of “A Pocket Style Manual” and never let it leave your desk. When you are ready for face to face training head down to the Writing And Learning Lab . Develop these skills early and you will save yourself  time and trouble with writing assignments. Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with any shortcuts your software might have, like an APA format button.


I’ve heard there are people who enjoy math, I don’t believe them. If you are anything like me in your learning personality, math is hard and you need all the help you can get. It is good to study with other students, but that was never enough for me. Take a trip to the MALL ! The Math And Learning Lab is there to help with just the kind of calculating brains to guide you towards success.


Everyone has goals, big and small. The people who accomplish those goals do so with a plan. Goal-setting Know your destination and have a map to get there. Maybe you aren’t sure what your goals are yet or you have a goal but are not sure if it’s realistic or even how to get there. This office can help you with both of those questions before you get a red card Advising and Counseling . If it’s a goal they can’t assist you with planning for they can direct you to someone who can.


Accommodations are a way an institution can create and maintain diversity. Everyone has different needs and some of those are quite specialized. Rather than exclude student with these needs from an education our institution wants to include them through reasonable accommodations. diversityAs an instructor I have a responsibility to provide or assist with reasonable accommodations within the law. I also have a responsibility to the rest of my class to do this in a fair equitable manner across the board. Knowing what accommodations are available is the first step to helping yourself and others towards the goal of institutional diversity. These two resources are a good start Disability Support Services and Diversity and Retention.


The very word can cause a tightening of the chest in the best of students only rivaled by the words “pop quiz”.


Pursuing an education is a stressful endeavor and even the best students experience anxiety at some point in their studies, often it is associated with tests. The best way to minimize anxiety over tests is to prepare properly and these good people can assist you with that Assessment/ Testing Services . While there are numerous methods utilizing diet,exercise, and meditation to offset the effects of anxiety sometimes that is not enough.   Whether it is anxiety over a test or another issue regarding your emotional and mental health there are counselors here to guide you to the support you need Health and Wellness Resources.


Presentation skills are difficult to acquire and intimidating for many students. They are necessary in almost any field or endeavor, gaining these skills early on in your education will turn stressful public speaking into valuable learning experiences. These skills will assist you in the workplace too from your first interview to your retirement speech.images-1 But how do you gain these skills? The gold standard in presentation skills is the Dale Carnegie method helping people become effective public speakers since early in the last century. Take a look at what they have to offer here Dale Carnegie .

C illuminated Largeareer

Most of us have at least a vague idea of the career we want when we enter the college system. Along the way we need to develop the soft skills that lend us the air of professionalism that employers crave. That includes a situational awareness of how our actions and speech are affecting those around us. Emily Post had a lot to say on that subject from basic manners to appropriate dress for different social situations. Maybe you have already mastered these skills and watch Ted Talks just to poke fun at the rank amateurs displayed there. How do you get from your educational path to your chosen field?images-2  Start with researching your chosen fields HR departments. Learn what they want from you and be able to provide it. Get the skinny on who is a good employer at sites like Glass Door . Be courageous and make an appointment with a recruiter to discuss what they are looking for and what you can expect in their institution. Document every possible act of volunteerism and experience building act you can. WorkSource has an office right on campus that can assist you with your resume to career transition online and in person WorkSource .


So your goal is within sight and the quest is nearly over.

image1The last thing you want to do is stumble now. At this point you should be having regular meetings with your advisor. Make certain you are following the correct procedure for all the degree requirements. You don’t want that missing two credits to pop up unexpectedly at the end of your last quarter and prevent your timely graduation. Follow the degree planning sheets the advisor gave you and ask about any aspect you are unsure on. Then ask again about what you think you are sure about. This is an example of degree requirements using my programs list PTE BAS Degree Requirements. You can’t talk your way out of a requirement so do yourself a favor and follow the degree plan. You’ll have your sheepskin before you know it.

That is an overview of the major points of Support and Guidance for PTE 401. We covered a lot of minor issues too and you can refer back to my earlier posts to catch those. The class brought me around to the enormity of responsibility I hold to assist with these issues.  It also showed me where many of the lines are I should never cross, even when I might feel I am doing the “right” thing. The doctrines of fairness and inclusion were well stressed and I now have a framework to base my guidance and support of future students.





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