Front-loading Solutions to Test Anxiety



Managing Test Anxiety

Front-loading strategies for managing Test Anxiety can make your classroom a healthier, safer, and more successful place. Here are a few strategies you can present to your students. Take the time to visit the links and offices to get a feel for what your students will experience.

• Prepare yourself by developing good study habits. Begin studying at least a week or two before the exam, in small study sessions and over the space of a few days, not the night before. Take practice tests with the same time limits as the real ones. Study with a friend, make flashcards your challenge coins!
• Develop your test-taking skills. Carefully read and follow directions, answer the higher point value questions you know first, then return to the ones you didn’t find easy. Start essay questions with a quick outline before you write the answer.
• Develop and use a relaxation technique thats right for you. Controlled breathing, mindfulness, and meditation are all helpful relaxation techniques. Find the right one for you and use it!
• Stay on target and avoid distraction during tests.
• Maintain your health. Exercise, eat well, keep hydrated, and get enough sleep. Education is a full contact sport!
• Keep your chin up! Your class grade is defined by test scores, not you as a person. Reward yourself when you do well and investigate where you go wrong to do better the next time. Self recrimination is not your friend and doesn’t accomplish anything.
• Visit your counseling center, you’ve paid for it. Educational counselors can help you with strategy for success, time management, and study skills among other issues. If they can’t help you directly that can point you to the person who can.


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