We’ll need to make a new return card….

I stopped in the South Seattle Library Learning Center the other day. I’d been chasing a vacuum leak in my 1975 MB 450 SLC with no diagram and no luck. Both hands, flashlight, in the dark, you know the drill. I needed a diagram of the vacuum system to get me on the right track. The friendly librarian showed me a resource I wasn’t aware of, if you wrench on your car you might want to check it out.

First go to the South Library Guide http://libguides.southseattle.edu/home then scroll down to Encyclopedias and Reference click Get Started with Reference Sources click General Reference click  and there you are All DataPro http://library.alldatapro.com information guides and diagrams for most makes and models back to 1980.

Wait 1980? Thats no good for me I need 1975! This where conversational skills come in. The librarian asks if I drive a vintage car? Turns out he has a collection starting with a 1949 Dodge. We chew the V8 fat and he shows me the vehicle reference section. The shelves still don’t have it but guess what, theres an archive section. I walk out with a classic Chiltons manual and  an import repair manual for 72-81. Took a little longer to check out since they had to make a new return card for this century, but it was worth the wait. If you don’t ask you don’t get.Ford-1977-Granada-coupe-ad.jpg



go to General Reference
the All Data Pro


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